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With efficiency from China and German precision, we manufacture tin cans exactly according to your expectations and requirements. The high standard of quality together with our highly specialised expertise in product safety, international guidelines and our employees' well-being have been the foundations of our company since 1999.


We advise you on your project – in German and English – and ensure fast delivery with our exceptional transnational network and our first-class Chinese production facility as well as current trends and standards.


Feel free to browse our product examples and get a first impression.


Time flies and we can’t change that. But what we can change is that we continuously optimise our standards and therefore meet the newest and most modern benchmarks.


Our aspiration was the same 20 years ago as it is today: to maintain an unrivalled standard of quality– cutting-edge, environmentally and socially sustainable as well as ISO and SEDEX certified.


Our facility in China produces according to the international and European guidelines for you.


Despite the inexpensive production costs, social responsibility and a premium, ethical product are paramount to us. We have also demonstrated this with our ISO and SEDEX certifications and audits from numerous world-famous brands, which further confirm our high standards.




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Our tin packaging comes in countless shapes, colours and sizes.


From the silver, basic tin box to exclusive, custom-made products with windows and musical work. Also, printing the cans, the production of all inlays as well as the combining with other materials are standard for us. Of course, everything is pollutant-free and environmentally friendly - from raw materials to printing inks and packaging - our products are safe for food packaging.


In short, we deliver exactly what you want! Allow yourself to be inspired by our basic boxes or request your desired packaging directly from us.

“Made in China” means something special to us. Namely, high-quality and custom-made. That’s exactly what we’ve already provided many customers with. See here a small excerpt from our product portfolio.

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Tel.           +49 (0)171-1284327


Sinoblech & Promotion

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